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M-5000 . . . 40 Watts!

    Up to 200 Channels!
     Very Bright LCD
     User Adjustable
     Very Small - but RUGGED!
     UHF and VHF in stock!

    Great for SCHOOLS!
             . . . and for RESPONDERS
     Longest Talk Distance
     Fleet Capable
     Rugged Hand Microphone!
     Special Pricing!

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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M-5000 UHF and VHF Mobile

The Powerful M-5000 Mobile

Featuring High Power, Small Size, Bright Display.

The M-5000 UHF and VHF Mobiles, with bright LCD, are very small but highly rugged units. At 40 watts, this unit is perfect for school bus service, volunteer fire brigades and other commercial and public safety users.

High power, small size and extended warranty! This unit fills the needs of over 95% of our mobile radio users.

M-5000 UHF and VHF Mobile
General UHF VHF
Approvals FCC and CE (Europe) and RoHS
Channels 200 Channels, 12.5 kHz Narrowband
Dimensions 144mm x 47mm x 190mm deep
Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms
Voltage 13.8 Volts DC Nominal
Freq. Range 400 ~ 470 mHz 136 ~ 174 mHz
Transmitter UHF VHF
Power Output 40/25/10 Watts 40/25/10 Watts
Current 2 ~ 8 AMPS (low to high power settings)
Distortion 5% Modulation Distortion @ 1000 Hz
Hum & Noise 36 dB
Receiver UHF VHF
Sensitivity 12dB SINAD: 0.35 uV
Selectivity Better than 60dB @ 12.5 kHz
Spurious 70dB Spurious Response
Audio Power 2 Watt / 5% Distortion
M-5000 UHF and VHF Mobile

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