D-30 . . . Mini Digital!

   Smallest DMR in the World!
   Flashlight Built in
   Clearest Audio
   Highest Security!

Very Small Size!

   This is the smallest!
               . . . the same size as a Credit Card!

   Fits any hand
   Light for all day convenience
   Extended battery life!

. . . many Options!

   Exceptional Selection
               . . . Professional Quality!

    Ear Worn Headsets
    Security Headsets
    Many others . . .

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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Worlds smallest DMR radio

DMR Tier II smaller than a Credit Card!
         . . . 2000 MAh battery and a flashlight!

The D-30 UHF model is a 2 watt Mini DMR Tier II radio, built on a rugged die-cast aluminum chassis. It's "Mini" size, flashlight feature, and it's superb audio, make this unit perfect for schools, restaurants, retirement homes and many others. All of our radios are FULLY stocked AND supported centrally in the USA in Kansas City. We will match any other competitor's advertised warranty plan . . . and add to that our own record of over 30 years of customer care and satisfaction. Buy with confidence!

Worlds smallest DMR radio
General UHF VHF
Approvals FCC and CE (Europe)
Channels 16 Channels, Digital (DMR) and Analog Selectable
Dimensions 3" x 2" x 1" Credit Card Size
Weight 5 Ounces
Voltage 3.2 Volts DC Nominal
Freq. Range 450 ~ 470 mHz VHF Pending
Transmitter UHF VHF
Power Output 2 Watts / 1 Watt Option VHF Pending
Battery Drain 1.4 Amps @ 3.2 VDC
Distortion 5% Modulation Distortion @ 1000 Hz
Hum & Noise 42 dB
Receiver UHF VHF
Sensitivity 12dB SINAD: 0.28 uV
Selectivity Better than 65dB @ 12.5 kHz
Spurious 65dB Spurious Response
Audio Power 1 Watt / 5% Distortion @ 8 Ohms
Battery Drain 45 mA Nominal
Worlds smallest DMR radio

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