DMR Digital Radios!

   Advanced Technology!
   More Security
   Clearest Audio
   Extended talk range!

   Rugged Die-Cast Frames!
   Best Matterials
   Rugged Cabinets

Rugged Construction!
Very Small Size!

   The D-30 is the size of
                           . . . a Credit Card!

   Ergonomic designs
   Light for all day convenience

And Many Options!

And Many Options!

So Many Options!

   Exceptional Selection
            . . . Professional Quality!

   Ear Worn Headsets
   Security Headsets
   Many others . . .

Call RadioData Now!

Call RadioData Now!

Thursday, July 25, 2024
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D-500 DMR Digital Mototurbo Compatible

RadioData and Tekk now bring you GREAT DMR prices!

Take advantage of our special efforts to bring down Digital Radio prices!

Our new DMR Digital radios are similar in price to our older analog models. Look for our MONTHLY SPECIALS on DMR Digital!

D-500 DMR Digital Mototurbo Compatible

RadioData - 20 years . . . and growing!

We are here to save you money and improve your amateur radio experience.

The founders of RadioData have over 60 years experience in Amateur, Commercial and Special Data radio markets. In addition, we have served the special technical needs of commercial 2-way radio shops, public safety and amateurs with our years of experience in "support services".

Our goals were, and remain, to bring you high quality products and bring them too you at the best prices.

D-500 DMR Digital Mototurbo Compatible

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We have the best record for connecting you quickly to someone that can help you.

We also try to make this site the most user friendly, but we believe a quick live response is best.

We invite you to use both! . . . our fast live response and also our user friendly site.